About Me

My name is Vignesh Kumar, and I enjoy meeting new people and people find me to be an honest, self-motivated team player with good communication skills. I enjoy learning new things and recently I have gotten really interested in Mobile Application Development and especially Game Development. So, I have started to learn Unity 3D Game Engine and started developing games and while learning Unity I have also learned about Terrains and how to make beautiful and realistic environments. I have Posted my projects on the website and will keep them updated.


June 2013

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)

I have gained exposure in “BOSS" Linux Operating System and Developed a media player for Android and Linux Operating Systems using GStreamer Framework, Anjuta and Android SDK.


Master in Computer Science - May 2016

University of Houston Clear-Lake

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Systems Engineering - May 2014

Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering college

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - June 2013

Sri Krishnadevaraya University


Mobile Application Development (IOS) 80%
Mobile Game Development (Unity 3D Game Engine) 50%
Swift 2/Swift 3 80%
Sketch for UI Design80%
Objective C 70%
MySql 70%
C# Programming Language 65%
Git/GitHub Repository 90%
Firebase 30%

My Projects

  • iOS Apps
  • Unity Apps
  • .Net


Pokedex that shows all 721 Pokemon and the Mega Evolutions. Used Open Source PokeAPI V2 to get the data.

Pokedex GitHub Link

Cool Weather

Weather app that shows Current weather and 5 day forecast. Got the weather data using OpenWeatherMapAPI.

CoolWeather App GitHub Link

CoolWeatherApp AppStore Link


Developed a classic air hockey game with Single and Multiplayer functionality using Sprite Kit Framework and PhysX game engine in XCode using Swift.

AirHockey Game GitHub Link


Developed a classic HangMan game with Single and Multiplayer functionality in XCode using Objective-C and converted it to Swift 3.

HangMan Game GitHub Link

My Little Pet

This is a game where user will select a pet and keeps feeding it with in the time limit otherwise it will lose a life. When it loses all its life it dies.

My Little Pet GitHub Link

Retro Calculator

Simple Calculator

Retro Calculator GitHub Link

Number Wizard

Number Wizard is a simple guess the number game.

Number Wizard Game Web Link

Text 101

"old-school" text adventure game.

Text101 Game Web Link

Contact Us

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1006 Arden Oaks Dr, Sugar Land,
Houston, TX-77479

Call me : +1 832-938-5681

E-mail : rajasekaran.vigneshkumar@gmail.com